Cynical and offensive, edgy and extremist, full of shitposts and bait – but always with a unique point of view: the deeper parts of the Internet, hidden from the casual reader. The Times of Pol is an attempt to distill the genius and wit of those contributions into works of journalism – an uphill battle, but worth the pain.

Goalposts in motion.

Goalposts in motion. source

The Times of Pol is a new project, and the goalposts have yet to be set. (They will be moved later on anyways.)

In the spirit of the web, everybody is invited to send in submissions, which will be filtered only for the utmost inappropriate content (i.e., CP and JIDF propaganda).

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Anonymous says:

    yall need to fix that “widget title” in the articles. and make it so that comments dont need moderation.

  2. Ben Garrison says:

    So can I write an Article calling for a world wide race war?

  3. dag says:

    Pol as in 4chan /pol/?

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