Eric Garner: The Police State the Media Hides


Andy Griffith circa 2014.

While the media continues to pretend the issue of police brutality and militarization in the USA revolves around the concept of race, the real issue continues unabated – murders committed by police against the domestic population (a type of legalized terrorism, when you think about it beyond the surface) is at an all time high, even while crime rates in the states is at a low point not seen since 1970.

The media doesn’t want to discuss this unless they can throw the issue of race into the mix because the black community and white community have been kept largely separate, specifically so they can be abused with impunity. Whites are told “don’t worry, brutality only happens to blacks because they commit more crime” and blacks are told “it’s not the cops fault, go focus on whitey over there, he wants to destroy you.” In this manner, they dishonestly control the population as a whole, largely using the media (partly controlled by DC itself which is in turn partly controlled by the prison and “law enforcement” industries’ lobbies) as a cudgel to prevent people from ever looking at the issue in absence of references to skin color.

However, brutality affects all groups of people – and your melanin content doesn’t affect your ability to survive should a rogue officer decide to put a bullet in your head for little or no reason.


A rather porcine officer randomly beats a “criminal” who has been dragged into rehab (Duluth, Minnesota.)

It would be difficult to try and understand why, if crime rates are at all time lows and why, if we’re winning the so-called war on terror, the police in this nation need gear that would make most third world military forces blush with envy. Most people seem to overlook this, seeing no problem with the “logic” that police have to respond to every situation with both massive and usually violent force – such as the toddler burned by a stun grenade during a no knock raid. The toddler was white, so the black community took no notice, nor did MSNBC or CNN, although FOX acted like it was the end times. The officers weren’t indicted, and the family got no form of compensation.

Meanwhile, with Garner (an obese asthmatic with no weapon and who threatened absolutely nobody) we have the case of someone who was essentially given a death sentence in front of a street full of bystanders, for the high crime of selling illicit cigarettes to consenting adults. The white community is largely silent, even though this is a symptom of the far larger problem of unaccountable policing and brutality the world over. The police are so irresponsible in most urban areas that in Ferguson, a return to calm only followed the deployment of the national guard, which acted in a respectful manner and which looked absolutely angelic compared to their police counterparts. I often mentioned to people, that despite Wilson’s non-indictment being fairly obviously proper, the police response post-decision was not, and the militarized police there gravitated between beating down lawful protestors and ignoring rioting arsonists, such that those breaking the law were ignored while those marching were attacked.


Garner moments before having the life squeezed out of him.

Like with almost every other case of police misconduct/behind-the-badge murder the officers involved here (despite having broken protocol and escalated an otherwise nonviolent situation) were not indicted by the grand jury. This came to the amusement of a large, partly deluded proportion of the white community, who have mostly ignored cases of police brutality aimed at whites because they are told repeatedly that it’s rare and mostly involves thugs being given street justice.

That resisting arrest doesn’t normally result in a death sentence, and that selling cigarettes without a license is a victimless crime that should carry at most a slap-on-the-wrist fine is fairly clear; one might ask themselves if this is 2014 or 1814 and whether we’re living in a sort of bizarre era where we decided to bring back the virtues and values of the puritanical days replete with public beatings, stocks, and the gallows.

With the misuse (in a blatantly unlawful manner although the legal system doesn’t treat it that way) of civil asset forfeiture and the growing number of special super-duper secret police toys the law enforcement community would rather not discuss on a rapid rise, it’s a surprise that so few Americans seem to understand that the police state is right in their backyards – most of them persist in making it about race, even though the prevalence of police killing civilians is higher for minority groups specifically because of the killing of gang members (which someone really needs to incorporate into their statistics.)

So when Eric Garner says he can’t breathe, I feel his pain because the police state is quite stifling and we could all use some fresh air.


The Unites States has a higher per-capita and higher absolute incarceration rate than any other nation in the world – ahead of even repeat abusers like the DPRK and China.

One thought on “Eric Garner: The Police State the Media Hides”

  1. The Coon says:

    This is a great concern. I think the riots on Ferguson are organized and let to happen, so we can have an excuse to initiate martial law and loose more of our rights. Think about it. Last time they beat up innocent 1% hipsters. This time thugs burn down stores and loot all around, and the police just stands around and does nothing? It’s obvious that chaos and hatred is being promoted here on purpose if only the peaceful protesters are beaten while the violent ones are left to break and burn buildings. Can you even believe this happened in America? With all the new gear and sound weapons, we let these thugs burn down an entire down and just watched? Not even gas grenades and a water cannon to disperse them? Something is very fishy here. Russia was revealed to be fueling racial hatred all ready.


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