Gawker: How to Lose Sponsors and Alienate Readers


“Gamers are dead.”


unnamedWhat’s the worst that can possibly come from that statement?  Well, when you’re a gaming journalism site insulting your prime reading base, quite a bit.

For those of you who are not yet up to speed on Gamer Gate, here’s a quick rundown.

As the video details, #gamergate is not about games at all.  Basically, anyone can tell it’s a story about professional victims, fox and grapes and exchanging sex for favors.  However, due to a controlled narrative, there are still those who buy the illusion that this is about misogyny in a “male dominated” game culture.

Well, to put it quite frankly, people talk, money walks, and we’re watching one of the greatest testaments to free market capitalism of our time.  As Kevin O’Leary from The Shark Tank says “I love money, because it has no soul, no emotion.” Every smart business man knows that when you ostracize your consumer base, for any reason, you are digging a grave to bury your business.  Yet that is exactly what popular game journalism outlet “Gawker” has done.  As an example, a journalist for Gawker, Sam Biddle, released this tweet in poor taste. Gamasutra released similar articles, one of which was that now famous “gamers are dead” which caused Intel Corp. to pull out funding from the site.

In a stroke of genius, gamers spoke with their wallets and politely wrote letters to Gawker’s advertising sponsors to express their discontent.  It worked.  BMW North America and Mercedes both pulled their advertisements from Gawker and Adobe gave them a cease and desist, decrying their bullying through a tweet.

Just to put this into perspective, the minimum ad buy in for Gawker is $25,000, a less-than-trivial amount to any website.

After being informed of the bullying, doxing and harassment against individuals involved with #gamergate, BMW wrote the following:

“Thank you for writing to BMW of North America, LLC. We understand your concerns and the BMW Group does not tolerate bullying or the disparagement of individuals. We have taken action to ensure we do not advertise with Gawker.””

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As time progresses, you can keep track of advertisers who have dropped their sponsorship at these websites:

2 thoughts on “Gawker: How to Lose Sponsors and Alienate Readers”

  1. Polaski Durden says:

    Gawker is using NATIVE ADVERTISING to hide like Anne Frank from the ShekelShoah! WTF is that? See here:

    Concerned customers have been sending emails, writing letters, and making calls to Gawker’s sponsors, as detailed here:

    Adsense/Doubleclick targeted to choke out the middleman.
    > has a very attentive CEO with a personal email address.
    A GawkerBlocker add-on was developed for Chrome and FF.

    Gawker are SERIOUS bullies…
    Adrien Chen, former top Gawker journalist, wrote NASTY piece on cripplemoot, saying he’s “only a torso perched on an electric wheelchair” with “deformed bones [and] shriveled legs”.
    Gawker is being sued because they do not pay their interns.
    Gawker listed sponsors that do not actually advertise them, which is fraud.
    Gawker just signed a 15-year lease for a massive new $75 million office in the heart of NYC. Earliest chance to cancel is 2024.
    Gawker supports pedophilia:

    NB: This thread is about the consumer revolt/cultural war against Gawker. No doxing, raids, or illegal stuff will be tolerated.

    Mother Jones is under fire after senior editor Benjamin Dreyfuss tweeted that he thought that “bodies of white men who hanged themselves should be used as piñatas”.
    The outrage was compounded in light of Robin Williams’ tragic suicide, with consumers petitioning MJ’s sponsors.

    In solidarity with the Williams family, please remind abusive posters of appropriate behavior by posting:
    >Pls no piñata

  2. Evie says:

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    Unless you were actually in a guild wit a person and raided with them, you generally
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