How to Travel to ISIS Terrority by Yourself



Overview of the route.

Overview of the route.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) currently controls North-West Iraq and North-East Syria, so this where we’re headed. The total cost is ~$30k and it will take 2-3 months.

Getting to the Syrian coast

pic 1 large map usa europe

Map 1: Getting to the Syrian coast.

31ft yacht, needed to cross the Mediterranean.

31ft yacht, needed to cross the Mediterranean.

Get gear there by mailing in separate packages to a quiet Western Mediterranean country like Italy (see map 1). Your shit won’t get delivered to places like Israel or Turkey.

Mediterranean currents.

Mediterranean currents.

Then fly commercial to Italy, pick it up, drive to a coastal city and buy an old sailing yacht, ~$20k. Stock with water and food and sail to the Syrian coast.


The port of Tartus.

The port of Tartus.

Moving inland

At Syrian coast, dock at Tartus because it is gov’t controlled, touristy and peaceful.

Heading north (red line).

Map 2: Heading north (red line).

Spend next month making your way by foot inland north to Lake Assad (see map 2). You should have a beard and wear the local dress. Once ~30 miles inland things get dicey – you are near Sunni/FSA controlled areas. Go by foot at night on small roads along farm fields to avoid checkpoints by either group.

On fishing boat, with dangerous areas marked.

Map 3: On fishing boat, with dangerous areas marked.

Lake Assad is in central Syria and drains into the Euphrates river, so you can buy a fishing boat here and just drift down river (see map 3). Drift and fish by day and sleep along shore near the irrigation canals at night. Don’t pass towns or bridges in the day time as this is a major FSA and ISIS territory and you will be stopped if you try.

Final week

Leave boat around 10 mi short of the Iraq border, at Hajin. Buy 3-4 camels and 20 gallons of water. At night, take them North through the farmland and out into the desert. At that point, you just head East to cross freely into Iraq through the desert (see map below).

Crossing into Iraq.

Map 4: Crossing into Iraq.

This technically is an ISIS held region but the truth is it’s so barren and dry no one even cares. There are no towns, oil pipelines, roads or anything.

In 6-7 days you will hit the Tigris (see map 4) and that’s where ISIS is fighting.


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