On the Islamization of Western Europe


Prior to the World Wars that rocked the first half of the 19th century there existed very few, if any, Muslims in Western Europe. However, the postwar demand for labour led to the adoption of several immigration policies and it is these policies and those that succeeded them which paved the route for the current tide of Islam in Europe.

(NOTE: for those of you “qui parlent francais”, the numbers given for historical french immigration are taken from these videos, available on the website of the French Museum for the History of Immigration)

A graph of immigrant origins (france)

A graph of immigrant origins (france)

In the first years of France’s new immigration laws, it was typically Eastern Europeans who made the move westward, fearful of the Communist dictatorships and satellite states that now controlled their homeland. It was not until 1961 that Muslims began to arrive in force, after the fall of French Algeria. In 1954, when the war began, roughly 200,000 Algerian immigrants lived in France, less than half of one percent of the population at the time (47.29 million). By wars end, that number was 350,000, and by 1975, it would be 750,000. Nothing could stop the tide at this point.

Today, Muslims in France constitute roughly 7% of the population (around 5 million people ). In 2012, roughly 46% of immigrants were Muslim. Whereas the birth rate for non-Muslims was ~1.9 (the second highest in Europe), the birthrate for Muslims was 2.8, a difference of 0.8. With record numbers of Muslim immigrants flowing into Europe to escape conflict in the Middle East and the drastic difference in birth rate, one can do the simple math required to realize that, within only a decade or two, Muslims may go from a minority to plurality, as is already occurring.

sharia zone

The pamphlet reads: “No alcohol, no Gambling, no Pork, no Smoking, no Improper Outfit”

Not only in France alone, but in all of Western Europe. And it shows no sign of slowing.

And it’s effects are being felt. In the “rotten borough” of Tower Hamlets, the UK’s largest Muslim borough, political corruption has run rampant under its corrupt mayor, Lutfur Rahman. In some boroughs of London, there are Islamic gangs which patrol the streets, enforcing their definition of Sharia law in so called “Sharia Zones“. While some Muslim leaders in the community decry these gangs, there are those leaders who support it.

Elsewhere in Europe and the UK, gangs of Muslim youths engage in wanton rape, as well as “grooming” of young girls. The most notorious case has been in the Rotherham Scandal, in which roughly 1,400 young girls were raped, molested, or otherwise taken advantage of sexually by a group of Pakistani men.

And as far as we know, that is but the tip of the iceberg. The Rotherham case went unprosecuted from 1997-2013, an amazing sixteen years, enough time for a girl to be born and reach the age to be groomed (as the youngest girl abused was 11).

After the murder of Lee Rigby

After the murder of Lee Rigby

Not only these individual examples though, roughly 1 in 4 Muslims polled said that they could sympathize with the July 7th bombings, 40% of British Muslims would support the introduction of Shariah law, another 25% think men and women should not be able to mingle freely, and the same percentage hold “little to no regard for Homosexuals” (For more, please see this wonderful article by the Telegraph).

More and more, the British public is becoming aware of the spectacular failure that is “multiculturalism“. As nice as it would be, it seems that humans have not arrived at a point at which we are comfortable around those who are unlike us.



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