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  1. lolwut says:

    jews lying as usual.. they took a 2012 video from syria and said it was hamas using children as human shields

    1. lolwut says:

      idk exactly how to archive a thread in here..

  2. Goyim781 says:

    Police kills innocent homeowner

  3. Goyim781 says:

    China gives death toll on recent Xinjiang attack: 37 civilians and 59 attackers

    Missing Israeli soldier Hadar Goldin confirmed dead

    Syrian islamists attack border Lebanese town

  4. mike smith says:

    You should post about The Greatest Story Never Told
    also here is a GREAT redpill book:
    great redpill info:

    I hope to see some of this on the site. God speed!

  5. A. Wyatt Mann says:

    Hello, OP.

    I read over the type of content you wish to receive: Something thought provoking and not heard of by many. I have 2 submissions for you.

    Submission 1:

    I feel like the horrors that went on under communism are often swept under the rug. The fact is, 30 million Russians died under communism. Here is a Jewish newspaper which admits that Jews are directly responsible:,7340,L-3342999,00.html

    It is quite surprising that they would admit it, or at least one person was brave enough to admit that Jews are not perfect. Of course, the comments section of this article is hilarious. Some calling for deletion of this article, others threatening to pull funding from Ynet.

    Something to think about, at the very least.

    Submission 2:

    The “German” Revolution of 1918 was in reality the Jewish Revolution of 1918 where they tried to take over Germany, violently!

    This was way back in the day when Adolf Hitler was a nobody living in poverty after the first world war. At this time, Jewish commanders and leaders were attacking Germans with machine guns and other implements.

    Some evidence:

    If you scroll down and check out the commanders and leaders on the sidebar, they were all Jewish.

    I wonder why Hitler hated Jews?

    This event actually irked him greatly, and created a desire in him to rise to power so that things like this would never happen again.

  6. mdm says:

    One of the most disputed things on /pol/ is what political system is best conducive to anti-degenerate living. The main two solutions are AnCap (libertarian) and NatSoc. In an essay I’ve annotated on, I analyze what an AnCap society would probably look like from the context of degeneracy; it’d probably be a good idea to embed it here so it and its annotations can be read:

    Read “Examination of Claim That Libertarian Social Policy Would Foster Degeneracy” by Melvin Davila Martinez on News Genius


  7. LindseyNarrates says:

    This was an essay that I wrote that exposed the big-picture of what is REALLY happening in The Middle-East, who the key players REALLY are, and why there is never any progress for peace and any kind of “understanding” among all nations involved.

    I would sincerely appreciate you posting it, so that many more people, especially young people, are made-aware of the reality of our situation in our world, forced upon us by the zionist-cabal.

    Thank you guys for all that you have done over the years at 4Chan, raising-awareness on a myriad of issues.


    NB: I would appreciate you including a link to my site, as I have a lot of other things on my site that are mostly narrations, including the only vocal narration in the world of THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF zion IN MODERN ENGLISH.

  8. LindseyNarrates says:

    This is the only vocal narration of one of the most important revelations in our time, THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF zion IN MODERN ENGLISH. I WAS going to narrate the original, but the fact-of-the-matter is that the original is written in a very “high” language, and is not only difficult for people to read and understand, but makes a VERY difficult narration. The bottom-line is that people would have a hard time understanding what is even said from the original, as the language is just not the same as we use, today.

    I think that those who frequent 4Chan would really appreciate hearing this, as I KNOW that very, very few people have the time to read the tome.


  9. Goldstein says:

    You’re a faggot

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  11. Writer says:

    I write boring stuff. Feel free to crosspost my stuff here.

  12. chaim rosenshekelsteinberg says:

    shut it down

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    1. Jack Seurat says:

      This is the first report of such an incident, so it may be on your side. If you have a smartphone or another device, try accessing the site from one of those and see if the problem re-occurs. If so, respond to this comment or email me at

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