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santaIt’s that wondrous, fabled time of the year — a time of year unique for its atmospheric glow, it’s soft shining rays of hope, and for that special feeling you get deep inside… of course that feeling is usually nausea.

I’m not speaking of Christmas — formerly Yule, or a million other solstice holidays revolving around sex and rebirth — rather, I’m talking about that all-important time of year when armies of fundamentalist evangelicals and feminists, homosexual rights advocates, atheists, pagans, and every other imaginable group, just for one day, celebrates peace and brotherhood by fighting one another over their mythologies and political beliefs.

For a moment here though I’ll forget that struggle — the eternal kampf waged by all people against any who would dare believe differently from themselves, and focus on actual issues of importance; 2014, waning as it slowly withers into the dustbin of history, has been a momentous year, dotted with every possible piece of intrigue under the sun, from whistleblowers and failed regimes, to political change and oppression. Yea, 2014 might be looked back at as one of the worst years in world history, especially if the toxic seeds planted there actually sprout.


If a regular citizen hit someone with a baseball bat they’d be in prison for assault.


At this point everyone is talking about the police state, because in an amusing twist, a facebook user was charged for making a “threat” which consisted of four words which were directed at no specific audience — that no sane, reasonable person would find this threatening is obvious. If the case isn’t thrown out of court it may be time to pack our bags and make for Canada.


Halt, citizen, it’s the gestapo! I mean, the police!

Whatever you think of the protestors involved in the wake of Mike Brown and Eric Garner, we can here see a strange disconnect between the way in which a civilian or police officer are treated with respect to the legal System — in fact it now strangely appears that we have two legal systems, one which puts civilians in prison for 10 years for the “crime” of using marijuana, and another that exonerates officers for murdering someone who was not armed, broke no law (or a petty law of no real importance), and did not resist arrest.

Those of us who cherish liberty got past the racial situation involved because both the establishment and the protestors were illogically fixated on the same — it made no sense to waste time thinking about such things when one considers that, upon death and decomposition, two corpses of different races essentially look the same; hideously bloated and slathered in rotting fluids. This somewhat grotesque observation is nonetheless true, and a growing number of small children have surely seen friends and neighbors mowed down by a legal establishment which is no longer beholden to serve the public good.


If constant surveillance doesn’t bother you, do you mind if I watch you shower?

Even worse, the media and government have managed to convince a large proportion of the population that such things keep them safe, by using race, religion, gender, creed, age, income, and a million other things to artificially break the population into easily controlled blocs of people who look at one another mostly as “us” and “them” rather than as “Americans” or “Human Beings” or anything else which serves as a collective umbrella term which draws people together. Wherever people are being broken apart by those in a position of authority, you can be absolutely assured that such things are being engineered and employed by dishonest and corrupt people from the same.

It is upon realizing this that I recently completed a short work entitled “Nazis, Commies, and Terrorists: How the west has become what it fought and how to fix the problem.” This work lays out, in no uncertain terms, exactly how it seems that the free, liberated people of the west were made to adopt many of the same dishonest and corrupt strategies of regimes the west once attempted to destroy — namely, as the title suggests, the worst aspects of National Socialism, Communism, and Islamofascism.


The same people who find this offensive would love to invite a SWAT team to Christmas.

So as Santa Claus climbs down your chimney, staging a home invasion and stealing your cookies, or as some other mystical figure interlopes on your private property, let’s all look back at the waning year and ask ourselves if what we really want for Christmas is an end to the madness.

Below is what I really think of this time of year:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow you are one pretentious piece of shit. Happy Holidays you colossal faggot.

    1. That Alien Guy says:

      Ayyy lmao.

    2. AnonymooseLejun says:

      I thank you for your support.

  2. Anonymous says:

    For a place called “The Times of Pol” this was a pretty bluepilled article.
    Good goy.


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