Traps of the Social Matrix Part I: Sexual Status and Cars Showing that You Made It.

“You must have a girlfriend. You must have sex. If you don’t have sex until X you are a loser.” The same even goes for girls nowadays. They will be shamed into becoming a slut by their retarded peers. What a pathetic illusion. As always, the goy, the sheep, are made to follow society’s rules and what is made to be “the norm” by someone higher up. We say wear old nerd glasses, you do. We say wear skinny black jeans, you do. We say it’s good to have a big ass, you repeat. We say what color is in this summer, you follow. Arguably, more men and older women start to resist social programming. It is understandable that teenagers are more likely to have sex since they are in the sexual prime of their life when hormones make them crazy. If someone hasn’t had sex in his prime, perhaps he was too shy or not attractive then, or maybe with bad luck, wrong place at the wrong time. But this is pretty much it. It would have been nice if you had sex like it would have been nice to go on vacations instead of high school. There is nothing to feel shame or regret about. It could have been a blessing. Let us first look logically what is important in life and then I would speak from an occult standpoint.


So, what is important? To have a loving family that is well. To ideally find a woman that is good and for you to both love each other. To ideally create a child together and pass some good genes, to provide the child with a good raising, a loving home, prosperity and red pill knowledge. To have good friends on your level, even one. To work a job that you enjoy and bare working and to have time for personal life. To do what you love and influence the world for a better tomorrow – Become a writer, a politician, a singer, an actor, an athlete, explore ruins, learn the mysteries of the universe, become wealthy, use your fortune for great deeds.



That is important. Now what if you don’t want or can’t get some of these blessings? Perhaps you just can’t find a good woman or you have given up on them. It is hard to find a good woman. Most are really ignorant and under the complete influence of their feelings and passion. They only care about sense gratification and what the hormones tell them to do. Even normal men are having trouble finding a woman, what about those of us who are into studying the esoteric and psychological arts? Those of us who have started to rise above addictions and emotions that control the ordinary masses, who have started to become gods amongst men? Maybe you don’t want to go take an Asian woman. Maybe you don’t feel like buying some woman from Muslim slavers and giving her a better life. Maybe you don’t feel like risking with a gold digging Eastern European. 
That is fine. You can still pay a surrogate to help you create a son for you, and you don’t have to worry about the mother brainwashing him or divorcing you and making him turn against you. You don’t need a woman to live a good life. Your son, family and true friends are more important in this instance.

What if you don’t want a child? Perhaps you think the world is too overpopulated? But, you are so very wrong. This is what the elite want you to think. The future of idiocracy is becoming a reality and you must stop it. Mainly the poor and the stupid are reproducing right now, like rabbits. Those on welfare, those who know they get more welfare the more children they make – the immigrants who come to the west to abuse the system. The Africans, who given food and aid for free are never thought to work and stabilize their own economy. If they were left with resources to help themselves and build their own farms and economy, they would think twice before making children they can’t feed. But with the free lunch, they are free to make as more babies as they can. Eventually some of these babies will not get killed by diseases and be sent to the west for “a better life”. But, it is not always like this though. There are many good Africans who care about their country and think for themselves. They send their children to African schools and their children study twice as hard as the western children. These Africans grow up to be fine, professional immigrants who only contribute to developing countries. So, it’s not as a race problem as much it is a stupid and evil versus smart and good reproducing. And this problem is in every race. You can see that the biggest sluts and idiots were the first to have sex in high school. Most of my classmates all ready had babies at age 22. But we, the smart people have a harder time breeding for some reason. Perhaps the environment is against us. Nonetheless, realize that overpopulation is an illusion. All the poor masses would soon be put in FEMA camps or prisons. The stupid who have enough money to survive will be made poor and culled by food, diseases, vaccines and other tricks. For now they are allowed to reproduce because the elite prefers the population to be easily controlled and apathetic. Free thinkers and intelligent people are to be exterminated through the eugenics that are happening right now – out-breeding. Understand that it is an occult law for many Freemasons and Rosicrucians to reproduce if they and their bride are of good moral, mental and physical health. We need more such people for the future. Eugenics is a real thing. If you have the resources and a good environment, it is a most holy deed to reproduce and ensure a better tomorrow. If i was never born, who would be inspiring you now? Who would have helped you quit masturbation by learning the occult mechanisms of sexuality and addiction? Please, let the elite deal with stupid people overpopulating and reproduce if you see it’s the right thing to do. If you don’t have the resources and just don’t want a child, then it is fine. You can still influence the world and become a great contributor. You had children in past reincarnations anyway, perhaps this life you were meant to do something great alone instead of focusing on a family.

0817_ed9dNow comes the part where I explain things from the occult point of view. It is your choice if you decide to believe this. For those whose interest in the occult has brought them to the spiritual path, petty things like social status amongst degenerates and sex are of little importance. We are not talking about your Sunday picnic Freemasons but actual people that practice pranayama yoga and other occult exercises to achieve enlightenment and gain complete control over their desires, emotions and thoughts. I am one such student and there are others amongst you, hiding. Some are in positions of power, others are ordinary looking people. We would waste time only on a woman that has a certain amount of virtue and intelligence around her. A person who hasn’t endured hardship and suffering usually ends up being spoiled, weak and insufferable. Only with such a woman, that also wants to better herself and awake as a consciousness being can we find true love. And still some of us choose complete celibacy. I would make love to a woman but not just for the sake of sexual satisfaction. As you know, in secret societies the wasting of sperm and giving in to low emotions is seen as harmful. As a couple we can still exchange energy in love, but we cannot allow ourselves to become slaves to low passions. This is why we really don’t care about women and sex. Most women are just attention vampires that get in the way of more important work. Focusing your energy on them only robs you of your vital force and they generally end up being very harmful. They are selfish in love, slaves to status and consumerism and under complete control of their egos. 

An example. When I see a friend of mine talking to his girlfriend I cannot even take it. She wastes his time talking about the most trivial things and empty gossip. And let us not forget the childish mind and the stupid jokes. I feel like I am actually dropping my IQ just by listening to her. And my friend is a smart one with a big future ahead of me. Now, I am happy for him but feel she is a very bad influence. I shouldn’t talk bad about people as someone professing to be spiritual, but I must. I fear she will keep wasting his time giving her attention and slowly destroy his career and life with her feelings and wants. Even though they both work, I have a bad feeling about this. Let us not forget how most women spend their money on the most retarded shit. This case reminds me of having a cat that comes rubbing it self on you all day, demanding attention and preventing you from working. No one is saying we should have cold business relationships with our brides and that we shouldn’t give them attention, but there is a difference between cuddling and “NO! You are the cute one haha!” for 20 minutes. Still, I hope I am wrong about them.

But maybe this example was confusing for you. Imagine then if I was wasting my time with a woman who talked about new fashion trends and celebrity gossip every day. Or how I should get a BMW because the neighbors had a better car. Or how she just had to have the new iPhone. You can see why occultists and mystics don’t really care about women or sex. For me it is a lot more important and fun to write books, explore ancient ruins and do great things with my best friends. Though many women have started to feel the same way today and focused on their career. Sadly, the poor things are still suffering on the inside because they are still brainwashed that only “true love” will make them happy. But true love is not some stud who just has to drive a BMW or is a beast in bed. True love is true love, a complex thing.
1242486794_kNUcX-S“You must drive a BMW to signify that you made it.” Welcome to the world of planned obsolescence and products made specifically for the useless eaters. After 98 any BMW you buy is bound to break down with many expensive problems. Not only do the previous owners drive them horribly, but also most BMW’s are made with a lot of cheap plastic parts. There is a YouTube mechanic by the name of Scotty Kilmer that shows it all. On a 30 year old BMW everything around the engine is made by either metal or rubber. On a BMW after 2002 there are a lot of plastic parts even around the engine which are bound to crack after 2-3 years from the heat. The interior of the new BMW’s is also made with cheap plastic that cracks when pushed. After a while the buttons also get erased. It gets so bad that even the rubber lining around the windows melts on the first year. But how can they use such cheap plastic parts yet charge a premium price for the car and repairs? Inflation my friends. To use metal and high quality plastic now costs more. And of course BMW has decided to screw the useless eaters. It is made to last as long as the warranty covers it, just in time for the rich guy to get bored with it and sell it to a sucker. Obviously we see why these luxury cars drop in price so much after only a couple of years. I suspect that the BMW’s made in Mexico for America are even worse. Remember, a fool and his money are easily departed. You can be really wealthy and not care about expenses, but BMW will just suck all the money they can from you. I saw a video of a wealthy black man complaining about his brand new 2014 7 series. He had bought it before a couple of months and it all ready had problems. And this BMW he had bought for his wife, because his wife just wanted to have a BMW! Another reminded why we don’t want anything to do with normal women my friends. Of all cars they want to drive a BMW because it shows status. Like Aaron Clarey said, they don’t buy it for quality, they buy it for the status image. You are paying to say that you are better than others, because Germans were rumored to make good mechanics once and because someone says German cars were offering a “better driving experience”. I wonder what this magical experience is? Back to my black friend. He said in his video that BMW used to signify that you “made it” and that’s why he used to buy their cars. I truly feel sorry for him. It is obviously that he made it, but he had to buy a BMW to show off that he made it and to get a wife that wanted to drive only BMWs. Rap music destroyed another African American. He didn’t realize that quality of life is more important than image and what others think of you. He was influenced by the ghetto and he gave in. 

saab_50_afterThe truth is that old cars were made to last 30 years. They used mainly metal parts around the engine and for bumpers, and the plastic in the interior was hard and quality. I have a Renault 11 from 87 that still drives. When it is a good time to change it I will probably get a Japanese car or Ford Puma/Cougar made in 2000 at most. I advice you look for cars that are reliable and made to last. Read online and see check a car with your own mechanic before you buy it. Ask to know what will break in a couple of years and how expensive are the repairs. You don’t have to drive a car you don’t like. There are plenty of options once you find which cars were made to last and from quality parts. There are BMW and Audi models from 90-97 that truly were German quality. If you have to get a new car then I hear KIA has started to make really quality cars to compete in the market. This is what we are looking for. Companies who make a very strong car with which to compete in the market. After the company has made a name for it self it will eventually stop trying to hard and start producing low quality cars. Brands like Lexus, Acura and Infinity are currently considered the best in reliability and truly are worth their luxury price.

Lastly let us remember the bumpers. Old Volvos were made by quality Swedish steel. Bumpers were made from steel, because they were for bumping into things and saving your life. Scotty Kilmer tried to explain this but some people are still too stupid to believe. Yes, the new cars that have plastic bumpers are designed to have strong points on the inside with which to resist, but it is not the same. Don’t you understand that they are trying to save money on materials while charging you a premium? How can a new BMW 5 series have all plastic bumpers? And they are not even thick enough. This is not because of fuel economy or better handling. The difference is minimal and not worth it. Watch a Top Gear video of an old Volvo and another car ramming a brick wall. Now tell me if you can defend the plastic toys you pay premium for. And remember, the metal bumper will save you a lot of money on parts because it will take the hit and not bend all your front like pizza.

6 thoughts on “Traps of the Social Matrix Part I: Sexual Status and Cars Showing that You Made It.”

  1. Dmitriy says:

    Great article, judging by this one and the previous one you wrote you seem to have a knack for writing so keep it up. I hate to “advertise” but I would like to invite you to check out my tumblr where I write about reactionary literature, philosophy, politics, culture, and history. I started blogging this week and have only written one book review so far but I plan on regularly releasing new content.

    1. Dmitriy says:

      here is the url:

      1. The Coon says:

        You should start writing your first book Dmitriy.

        1. Dmitriy says:

          Thanks m8, I don’t think I have enough original ideas to make a book out of but maybe one day I will. Until then I will just stick to mostly writing about others people’s books. Keep fighting the good fight brah.

  2. zero says:

    The coon why almost every country got indulged in this eugenics?? Around the same time how all countries took the side of non-humanism?

  3. Video games says:

    While I can appreciate the message of this article, I’m not so sure I can agree with all of it. Frankly there are a lot of parts that sound really, really beta, like my younger self trying to justify his lack of a sex life, when really I was just horribly awkward and unattractive at the time. It was a sign that I needed improvement as a whole person.

    imo, there is nothing wrong with a sex life as long as you don’t do it to feel worthy/validated, and practice safe sex. I like sex/fapping/etc, but I don’t let it control me, and as such I see no need to cut it out of my life. The vast majority of my life has been bleakly sexless and gf-less due to vidya and social awkwardness, but learning to break out of my social comfort zones in order to talk to girls was truly beneficial to me as a person. It helped me become skilled at small talk, more conversational, it gave me more of a presence with people, and more. There’s no reason those pursuits have to interfere with my other pursuits in life.

    And your black-and-white classifications of “smart” and “dumb” girls is just as shallow as the girls you claim to be speaking about. I know many girls who are geniuses in their field, make great money, are very responsible, and are well respected professionally, but outside of work & hobbies like to act like dumb, drunk sorority sluts. Just because some girls have that personality doesn’t mean you have to hate them as a person. They are having as much fun as possible without lowering their overall social reputation – the same as anyone, man or woman, does. Maybe your friend with the ditzy gf actually likes that side of her – maybe that’s why he keeps her around. If you are worried, confront him nonconfrontationally and talk about it. So you don’t like those kinds of girls – that’s fine. Certainly they will be much rarer, but you can pursue the kinds of girls you like instead. Not to feel validated as a person – but because the effort of doing so should be enjoyable and improve you as a person, with the final reward (a satisfying relationship with a girl you love and respect) being something worth working towards. If you desire that reward and it is attainable, work towards it. Don’t use emotional engineering to try and convince yourself that you don’t like it or want it, if it’s irrational to do so. And don’t generalize that all girls or all guys think or act the same way.

    Sorry for the rant, but that’s how I’ve come to feel after my life experiences, even if it doesn’t align exactly with how you feel.


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